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Polished Concrete Melbourne





Metro Mix Concrete specialises in manufacturing and distributing customisable Polished Concrete mixes throughout Melbourne.

The days when concrete came in a single finish are long gone no more unappealing, grey, flat matt concrete that tended to streak when exposed to weather. Back then, great strength and durability of concrete was its only desirable attribute and we put up with a lot of extremely unattractive buildings in deference to that key virtue.

Nowadays though, architects, designers and DIY builders are increasingly turning to Polished Concrete for stylish and attractive solutions in new buildings and refurbishment projects.

The options are almost endless now when it comes to creating new polished concrete mixes, from using standard grey cement and basic aggregates all the way through to blending white and grey cement, adding colour pigments and using a large variety of quality aggregates sourced throughout Victoria.

Additives have also become a big part of a quality mix helping with strength and shrinkage characteristics of Polished Concrete mixes.

Not only used for flooring applications, polished concrete is now being used to create stunning fireplace hearths, BBQ benchtops, basins and so much more!

Other choices to be made with Polished Concrete is your desired level of exposure which in basic terms relates to how much aggregate you want to see.

Options begin at Nil Exposure (little to no aggregate seen) Minimal Exposure (very little aggregate seen) Random Exposure (also know as Salt & Pepper or 50/50 aggregate seen) Full Exposure (100% aggregate seen)

Finally before your concrete is finished you will need to select your desired sheen level, choices of a matt/satin finish or fully polished to 3000 grit leaving you with that mirror finish.


Polished Concrete Looks Clean & Stays Clean

As well as its visual appeal, Polished Concrete is extremely easy to maintain and keep clean. A simple dust and mop with warm water and it’s looking as good as the day it was polished.

With our large selection of Polished Concrete mixes and abundant choice of aggregates allows our customers imagination to run riot.

While retaining its matchless durability and resistance to wear for which Polished Concrete is so highly prized, it can be easily sculpted to create shapes and structures that would be impossible to achieve with any other material.

At Metro Mix Concrete we invite customers, designers and architects to visit our showroom at 2 Victory Road, Clayton South 3168, Melbourne, to view our comprehensive display of polished concrete samples, as well as our newly finished Polished Concrete floors with in slab heating. Our highly-trained sales staff will be more than happy to run you through our range and discuss your ideas with you. With our unrivalled depth of experience in creating custom polished concrete mixes, were sure to come up with a perfect solution for your next project.

So, for Polished Concrete Melbourne, contact Metro Mix Concrete today on 1300 Metro Mix or email us here for a prompt response.

Speak to us today about having your very own custom designed polished concrete sample created by our creative design team and visit our showroom to see our life-size polished concrete office display, finished in all your different polished finishes.


Pavilion Finish – Polished Concrete Melbourne

Looking for that Polished Concrete finish but concerned about the slip factor?? Then look no further with our Pavilion Finish Range of Polished Concrete.

Designed for external uses such as alfresco areas, pool surrounds, driveways and more Pavilion finish concrete offers you the smooth profile of Polished Concrete with the enhanced grip factor similar to exposed aggregate. This is achieved by simply grinding back the concrete as they would when polishing, then etching the surface to your desired grip level and coating with a satin or gloss sealer.

So, if you’re looking for that seamless link from your internal polished concrete floors through to your outdoor living area pavilion finish concrete is the answer.