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Modern Polished Concrete Design Ideas

Polished concrete adds a touch of class and style to a place. Its smooth and reflective surface provides more colour to a once boring room. It creates grids, lines, borders, bands and a wide array of other designs that make it look like a work of art. With staining and dying as popular applications for enhancing polished concrete, a lot of modern concrete design ideas can be created.

Stained versions

Adding stain over polished concrete will add colour to the concrete floors. Many structures all around the world have noticeably used staining as an idea to finish already polished concrete. Owners of old buildings have seen the good in using different colour stains to make their space look more modern. This provides a smooth and reflective finish over a polished concrete material which will make an old room look good as new.

Dyed concrete
Polished concrete

If there is stained polished concrete, there is also such a thing as dyed polished concrete. Often, staining and dying are used interchangeably. The only distinctive factor between the two is that of the fact that dyes add more vibrant colours to the polished surface. Dyes, after all, work more intensely when compared to chemical stains. Dyes are also easy to apply thus they have become a popular choice to many.

Plain grey versions

Some people will settle for plain yet beautiful outcomes in polished concrete. Yes, they already love the effect that an uncoloured concrete brings into a room. This option is a great idea if you have the passion for vintage items. The plain grey polished concrete is a popular design choice for people in industrial sites or those who somehow want to bring an industrial feel to their space.

Patterned concrete

This is already part of having your polished concrete customised. Patterned polished concrete is a result of different processes including stencilling, cutting, scoring and engraving amongst others. All these processes are said to provide a better colour to polished concrete. The technique to create patterns is usually achieved by using multiple colours as well as a variety of application techniques.

Polished overlay

Not all polished concrete can be designed using stains, dyes and patterns. Now, many contractors see the good in putting up a concrete overlay over polished concrete. This is regarded as an economical choice since they are guaranteed to deliver better polishing to concrete floors without causing you to spend much.


There are many ways by which a concrete overlay can work. One can choose to use a coloured aggregate which will be mixed to the concrete and then applied for the purpose of polishing the surface. Another is through the use of an integrally-coloured concrete. Others may also opt to seed glass into the mixture. This will reveal glass pieces in the outcome.


It is often said that polished concrete, with or without design on it, will usually look good in every room. After all, they already provide the glow and smoothness homeowners want for their flooring, ceiling or walls, whichever way they use it. Why not consider using this material now to make your structure stand out?