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Do You Know These Finish Types For Concrete?

The type of concrete to be used in a project usually depends on the kind of slab it is being used for. For instance, a broom finish would be the most ideal option if you are building a walkway for your grandpa, as it gives a great non slip surface. Sometimes, you may want to combine several decorative finishes if the slab allows it. There are many options when it comes to concrete finishes, read on to know which one would be the most ideal for your project:

Exposed or washed concrete

This type is finished and treated with a surface agent. It is after the concrete has had a sufficient time to dry that its top layer is washed off to reveal the aggregate. Exposed or washed concrete is commonly used on the city side walks and other high traction surfaces.

Stamped concrete

Another popular option of concrete finishes is the stamped concrete. It is typically a colored concrete as special colors are applied and shape molds done, to give it a different appearance. The stamps imitate tile or stone patterns. You may even want to go for those that offer the look of a stone.

Broom finish

Broom finish is best used on outdoor applications. The concrete is troweled to a smooth surface and then it is “broomed” to create a higher traction surface. These finishes are seen in new developments on the sidewalks as well as a finish for colored concrete.

Seeded aggregate

Once this concrete is finished, small colored stones are packed into its surface. It is after the concrete has dried up that the top layer is washed away to reveal the stones. It has increasingly become popular for driveways and there are different pebble types you can use to give the product several attractive looks to the aggregate finish.

Colored concrete

It is achieved by adding a color pigment directly into the concrete mixture. There is a wide array of earth toned concrete colors in the market today. And you can even find some colored concrete finishes with different color variations. Also, these finishes can be used with some surface treatments such as the exposed finishes described above.

Stained concrete

Dyes or stains are applied to the concrete’s surface so as to change or improve its appearance. With stained concrete, you can be spoiled of options when it comes to selecting a finish that works best for you. They come in different patterns, colors and textures. Surface staining is commonly done on the interior floors for restaurants.

Salt finish

Often used in around swimming pools, salt finish is another good option to go for. This concrete is finished smooth and before drying up, the rock salt is added on the surface. And when it has set, the rock salt is washed away, thus leaving small pit holes that create an interesting finish.


As you can see the options of concrete finishes are just plentiful. At Metro Mix Concrete, we specialize in the manufacturing of different types of polished and exposed concrete mixes. We choose our aggregate with great care and you will always find our products to meet your concrete needs easily!