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Decorative Concrete Disclaimer Exposed Aggregate & Polished Concrete contain aggregates and other materials that originate from natural quarry products that are subject to variation in colour appearance, size and consistency. All suppliers take required measures to ensure that the products supplied reach Australian standards. There are no guarantees on colour consistency, we recommend making final colour selections from an actual sample, which can be done by visiting our decorative plants within a few days before your pour. Due to concrete being made up of natural resources that can sometimes vary, there is the risk of slight variations which Metro Mix Concrete will not be held liable for. All imagery on our website and showroom samples are intended as a guide only and not an exact representation of the finished product. Materials used in Exposed Aggregate & Polished Concrete may contain traces of iron found in quarries that could stain concrete as well as wood, plastic and other foreign materials that are used during the mining of aggregates such as blast wire or also known as detonating cord. Timber found in some aggregates is most commonly from the location of stockpiles at the quarries being surrounded by trees and shrubs. Some aggregates that we source can contain traces of soluble iron minerals that when exposed to moisture and air will oxidize and release a rust-like stain, commonly referred to as “leaching”. This natural occurrence is out of the control of Metro Mix Concrete. The good news is this condition can be treated and rectified. Call 1300 Metro Mix to discuss this further. Our samples are examples of finished products and are only indicatives of the finished product that can be achieved through the process of laying and exposing or polishing concrete. There is no guarantee that the products will match the sample to the exact specifications. Decorative Concrete products require greater attention and measures when being placed and finished beyond that of regular concrete. The Concreter is responsible for the product once it is delivered onsite and this includes the weather, method of placement and the finishing and curing of the product. To ensure that the product is finished properly, qualified and experienced concrete contractors must be used. Metro Mix Concrete can assist you with recommendations in relation to finding such experienced contractors. Our Decorative concrete mixes are designed to specific water ratio’s also known as “slump” which is stated on the delivery docket. Adding water onsite that exceeds the ordered slump may make the concrete easier to work but in hand will also cause a decrease in the products strength and lead to cracking, excessive bleeding and/or dusting issues, additional water may also cause colour variations to your finished product. Exposed Aggregate & Polished Concrete mixes are available in “pump” mixes. These mixes are designed differently to our standard decorative mixes. We strive to keep these mixes near to our samples but at times this may cause variation in the end result, please consider the effect this may have on your project prior to ordering these mixes. Metro Mix Concrete cannot guarantee conveyance of Decorative Concrete via a Concrete Pump, any concerns should be discussed with us and the concrete pump company prior to supply. THE RIGHT WEATHER CONDITIONS ARE CRUCIAL – Check weather forecasts in advance, it is vital to the quality of the concrete that it is not exposed to rain, hail, wind, debris or very hot or humid conditions during the placing and finishing process. With our environment and weather patterns consistently changing it is a MUST that the concreter takes all these into consideration when placing and finishing concrete, as most issues relating to the consistency and appearance of finished concrete relate back to factors on site relating to weather conditions and workmanship. We sell products that must be placed and finished correctly to ensure clients are left with a great result, which essentially means the final result is determined by the concreter. Metro Mix Concrete does not accept responsibility and will not be held liable for negligent onsite practices including poor placement techniques, or weather conditions affecting the performance of the concrete. When your selected mix is delivered to site, we strongly advise you to confirm with the driver that the description and product is correct with what has been ordered. As another measure feel free to ask the delivery driver to wash off a small sample of the concrete to determine the aggregates in the mix, be sure to wear protective clothing when handling concrete. The method of exposing the aggregate of fresh concrete generates wash off water known as “slurry” that contains cement, sand and other contaminants. All wash off water must be contained on site and disposed of in an environmentally responsible manner. Never allow wash water to enter any drainage system or natural waterways. Concrete has corrosive properties that may be harmful to the skin or eyes. Appropriate Personal Protective Equipment should always be worn when handling cementitious products. After exposing the concrete, Metro Mix recommends a light acid wash which will ensure that any excess cement covering aggregate is removed. Two coats of clear sealer should be applied upon completion to enhance and protect the decorative concrete surface. This will ensure that the concrete will maintain its desired look and help to reduce the risk of staining the surface of the concrete. When polishing concrete, there are many different products used during the polishing process as well as finished polish levels e.g. (800 grit, 1500 grit, 3000 grit) which will vary from company to company. Be sure you see the work of your chosen polisher to get an indication of their finished work. Concrete Polishers use an array of different chemical additives to grout, densify and harden the concrete surface which may have an effect on the finished product. Concrete cracking being very undesirable may occur in concrete products which in most cases will not have a structural impact but an unpleasing aesthetic appearance in the end result. There are multiple factors which cause cracking, these factors can be minimised by strictly following correct concrete placing, finishing and curing practices. Concrete poured on hot, humid and even windy days is subject to plastic shrinkage cracking, which occurs when the concrete is still plastic or wet and the surface dries out quicker than concrete below, in simple terms, causing a dry skin on top which is prone to cracking. Protecting the concrete surface from drying out will assist in preventing this type of cracking, there are recommended surface protectants/curing compounds on the market that are applied to the top layer of concrete which create a barrier on the surface of the concrete and help slow down evaporation keeping the moisture within the concrete. So not only is hot weather an issue, wind can have dramatic affects with concrete cracking, concreters should erect wind barriers when necessary. The wises thing to do is simply avoid pouring concrete on days where the conditions are to likely have an effect on the concrete. In circumstances where a concrete pour must go ahead no matter the weather conditions, it is crucial to take measures to prevent rapid drying of the concrete. Metro Mix Concrete strongly advises against adding excessive water onsite, as this may affect the colour, finish and strength of your concrete and increase the likelihood of cracking. Shrinkage cracking is an inherent property of concrete and is predominantly outside the control of Metro Mix Concrete. Metro Mix Concrete prides itself on supplying the highest quality product and best service possible. Information gathered when purchasing concrete will be used to ensure the correct mixes are offered to you, while assisting you with any special needs or requirements you may have. Metro Mix endeavors to meet and exceed your expectations by providing you and your project with the utmost professionalism.