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Should Concrete Driveways Be An Option To Consider?

When it comes to installing a new driveway at your home, the biggest decision is whether to utilize asphalt or concrete. While there are other driveway material choices, for instance brick pavers at the high end and gravel at the low end, asphalt and concrete are the most commonly opted for and each comes with own merits and demerits. However, both require solid foundations prepared by experts.

How do you go choosing a driveway material?

As it is, a driveway is only as good as what is underneath. Selecting a driveway surface that is best suited for your property depends on factors such as how much money you are willing to spend, where you live and different personal preferences. Concrete driveways last longer, however, they can suffer damage the wrong de-icing product is used. They are also maintenance free and cheaper to install compared to asphalt driveways. Here are some benefits of using concrete on your driveway in greater details:

Easy maintenance
concrete driveways

Compared to a large number of materials used on driveways, maintaining concrete driveways is a comparably easy undertaking. Generally speaking, stains and a wide range of marks can easily be removed with a mixture of warm water and mild soap. However, for more difficult stains, you might require to scrub the drive with a dry granular cleaner. For people that have opted for the appeal of a polished driveway, a topical sealant needs to be applied on a routine basis so as to adequately protect the finish. Moreover, buffing might be needed so as to restore lost shine and lustre.

Enhanced curb appeal

The today’s concrete driveways are no longer confined to flat slab finishers or slate gray colours. They are now being painted any colour imaginable to offer a distinct, eye-catching addition to a home’s exteriors. Apart from this, the today’s concrete driveways can be polished and then textured to provide improved flexibility and design.


There are many reasons why a majority of parking lots, bridges and roads are constructed from concrete. Concrete is one of the most functional materials in terms of long-term structural integrity and strength. So whether you own extra heavy vehicles such as a large SUV or a subcompact vehicle, concrete immense strength and denseness makes it a perfect load-bearing material. When concrete is poured appropriately, the driveway is highly unlikely to crack.

Concrete pavers

For people that love the look of stones or bricks, but don’t fancy to shell out big bucks to have them installed on their driveways, concrete pavers are a perfect selection. Concrete pavers are designed to look like bricks or tiles that can offer enhanced elegance to your property’s exteriors. Best of all, concrete pavers come in a wide array of shapes, sizes and colours. As it is, designs can imitate conventional stones or bricks if so wished.


Make certain to use ready mix concrete to get the best results when installing concrete pavers on your driveway. Beyond visual appeal, pavers are less likely to crack compared to full slab concrete driveways. The main reason for this is that pavers are stronger than any poured concrete. Furthermore, if a paver concrete driveway does crack, it is much easier to repair than slab concrete.