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Best Ways To Determine A Perfect Level When Polishing Concrete

It is important to have a reliable checklist when polishing concrete. This is because you will be able to tell whether everything is perfectly in shape when you finish your project. If you overlook certain aspects of polishing concrete, you may end up with disappointing results. You need to know that the devil is in the details. Essentially, the structural aspect of the slab is one of the most significant concern of an engineer as it determines the integrity of a project. In that case, you need to understand certain elements that come into play to determine a perfect level when polishing concrete.

Finish consistency between slabs

It is important to deal with visual looks between the slabs. To ensure everything works out well, check out the difference in heights at the expansion joints. The variation in heights result from the settling of concrete. You can make a visual change by simply working on one of the joint sides to level it out. In that case, it is important to pay attention to the grinding steps when working with mini mix concrete. Grinding steps determine whether one side will turn out with fines and the other side creamy.


A birdbath is usually a degree of depression on the concrete floor. In that case, a depression of about an eighth inch (or a quarter inch) in an area that is actually greater than the width of your machine head rarely leads to problems. However, if specifications require working on a completely flat floor, you may have issues with regard to birdbaths. In the case of numerous birdbaths, you will have quite a trouble because the machine diamonds will barely reach them on the floor. In certain cases, the metal bar diamonds may dig deep into the sides of the birdbath causing more problems.

High metal decks

There is usually an inherent defect when you choose to elevate the metal decks. This is because you tend to focus on the flatness when measuring flatness. The visual concern in this case is actually the tendency to incorporate additional map cracking while focusing on the potential of having significant height differences at the expansion joints. As compared to a slab-on-grade, metal decks will have great waves that tend to manifest when there is a rippled reflection.

High spots

This is the exact opposite of the birdbaths. As you grind, high spots will expose greater aggregates than the other proportions of the floor. Mostly, engineers recommend totally flattening the entire floor to ensure that there are no high spots. You can accentuate both the high spots and the birdbaths by adding acidic stains. If you use dyes, the birdbath will pool the color. The high spots, on the other hand, will not uphold much of the color.


These are some of the recommendable ways for determining a perfect level when polishing concrete. People want the best product when it comes to polish concrete. This is because there are different application of polished concrete. Therefore, it is important to ensure that everything is perfectly alright when you are done with the concrete polishing project.