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5 Great Areas To Use Pea Gravel For Concrete Construction

Pea gravel can be used in concrete construction projects to give a great finish. Pea gravel is not an expensive material and it is readily available. Not so many people are aware of the use of this material when it comes to concrete construction. Most contractors use ready mix concrete with pea gravel to come up with the most amazing finishes in construction sites and it the most widely used construction material. This article will help highlight the 5 great areas you can apply pea gravel on construction sites.


You can use a pea gravel composition as a blockfill grout. Most block homes use blockfill grout on walls. You can also use the same on commercial walls. Using blockfill grout requires less labor and therefore you save more when it comes to labor charges. Blockfill grout is a high fluidity material with a slump of 8 to 10 inch and this allows it to flow effortlessly in grout spaces and crevices of a mold. This enables a structure to be strong and stable.

Swimming pool decks

Instead of going with the traditional regular concrete or pavers, you can use pea gravel on swimming pool decks. The pea gravel gives the pool an attractive finish making it more colorful. Pea gravel gives the swimming pool deck an aggregate texture and makes it safer to walk around the pool without the fear of slipping. The end result is a smoother surface and makes it easy for foot traffic.

Pea Gravel For driveways

A well-constructed driveway makes a property more appealing. You can use pea gravel on your driveway to add property value. Driveways that are a bit rough can be improved by using pea gravel without having to spend so much money on the driveway facelift. You need to apply pea gravel on the driveway to go as deep as 4 to 6 inches to make it even. This assures you of a clean drive.


You can match up your driveway with walkways by using the pea gravel on your walkways too. If you need to make it more permanent, you can apply pea gravel mixes to make it exposed. You can use this idea when you plan to upgrade the landscaping around your home to create a unique outdoor ambiance. Next time you have guests over in your home, they will be blown away by the amazing scenery.


A good drainage system should be able to drain away excess water while at the same time sieving debris. When debris seeps through a drainage system, it can cause blockages which mean water stagnates. This is not good for a concrete construction. Concrete is porous and stagnant water can damage concrete surfaces. You can improve your drainage system by using pea gravel while installing drainage pipes. It makes a good material for the drainage system due to its particle composition. Pea gravel has plenty of void space and that is more important to a drainage system than particle size.