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1. Cubic CylindricalL    W    D    =     
1. Cubic CylindricalD    H    N    =     
2. Cubic CylindricalL    W    D    =     
2. Cubic CylindricalD    H    N    =     
3. Cubic CylindricalL    W    D    =     
3. Cubic CylindricalD    H    N    =     
4. Cubic CylindricalL    W    D    =     
4. Cubic CylindricalD    H    N    =     
5. Cubic CylindricalL    W    D    =     
5. Cubic CylindricalD    H    N    =     
Total (rounded up to nearest 0.2m3) =    




Number of cylinders


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